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Scalable Reasoning System

The Scalable Reasoning System (SRS) is a Visual Analytics application framework that allows developers to quickly construct applications, allowing users to apply a wide variety of analytics across various types of data to gain valuable insights. The Visual Analytic process leverages human users' natural abilities to interpret images, coupled with computational power to generate meaningful visualizations.

SRS has been designed from the ground up as a flexible, modular system to facilitate working with data from virtually any source and applying the customized set of analytics best suited to a particular analytical need. It can be used to power web-hosted visual analytics or embedded in standalone or service applications.

Discover what SRS can do for you:

  • What is SRS
  • How does it work - Architecture and types of individual components that  comprise an SRS application
  • What can SRS do - Examples of the many projects in which we have used SRS to develop Visual Analytics applications
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